Paxport are delighted to announce the addition of the following Aer Lingus fares via PaxFaB.

  • Aer Lingus ‘Plus’ Fare
  • Aer Lingus ‘Saver’ Fare
What’s included in these fares?

Aer Lingus ‘Plus’ Fare

  • Short Haul Only
  • 10kg Cabin Bag
  • 20kg Checked Bag
  • Priority boarding

Aer Lingus ‘Saver’ Fare

  • Long Haul Only
  • Round Trip (Returns) Only
  • 10kg Cabin Bag
  • Complimentary Meal
  • Fare rule states that a Saturday night stay is required for example you can book a Thur-Tue or a Sat-Sat but not a Mon-Wed.

Please note that you can still get the Short Haul ‘Saver’ fare and Long Haul ‘Smart’ fare via our ALG supplier code.

If you would like to enable these new fares via your PaxFaB connection then please contact our Customer Service Team via our support service.