Passenger Management Services

Paxport facilitates collaboration, interdependency and partnership between tour operators and airlines to maximise profit, efficiency and customer service for both.

A dedicated team of Paxport e-commerce specialists will help set up an online shop that delivers a first-class customer experience at the front-end, enabling successful marketing, conversion and comprehensive reporting.


Increase your conversions by 40% and boost ancillary revenue by up to 30 EUR per passenger with our award-winning e-commerce platform

Post-booking ancillary sales really can be more efficient, dynamic and user-friendly. PaxShop is mobile-friendly, compatible with widgets and fully customisable to reflect your unique brand. Personalise with your colours and logo so you remain ‘top of mind’ with your customers when they’re shopping for travel.

Our e-commerce specialists constantly monitor and analyse traveller behaviour on PaxShop so you can increase sales conversion rates with optimised ancillary content and powerful dynamic pricing tools.

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Tour Operator-shop


Distribution of post-booking flight ancillary content including online check-in

Distribution of 3rd party content

Ancillary content managed via PaxManagement or integration with existing PSS such as Navitaire, Altea, Sabre, etc.

Share allotment managed via airline-branded shops, tour operator-branded shops or both

Ancillary content sold directly to travellers immediately after booking

Personalised marketing emails for customers enabling quick access to PaxShop

Automated seat allocator system offering travellers seat upgrades, online check-in and boarding passes for Apple wallet

Optimised to generate revenue from both flight and non-flight ancillary products and services, PaxShop has a proven track record of increasing the average order value per booking to approximately 90 EUR


Less admin hassle, more business growth with our smart Passenger Management system for airlines

PaxManagement automatically collects and consolidates data from airlines, tour operators, travel agents, airports and government authorities and distributes it to key stakeholders in the required formats.

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We manage all operational communications with DCS and handling agents on a 24/7 basis, reducing the time and money spent on slow, resource-draining administrative processes and enabling your team to focus on higher value activity.

Statistics infographic showcasing: 150+ processed data file formats, 40,000+ flights handled annually, 8 million passengers served yearly, 30 years of experience in the travel industry, and 1000 files processed daily.


The smart solution to PNR reporting within the EU and approved countries

Our PNR data management solution operates as a fully outsourced service, collecting PNRGOV information from tour operators and airlines and delivering it to government authorities directly — eliminating the need for additional third-party service providers.

We transmit data in the required format and timeframe to PIUs in EU member states

An illustration of a globe with two arrows circling around it, symbolizing global interaction and connection between different parts of the world.

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