Paxport is launching a new service to its airline customers, “Extra Seat” where the carriers can offer passengers the ability to book a vacant seat next to them. In recent months, they have noticed the demand for the extra space when traveling, and when there are seats available, they now allow passengers to book this.

The service has been requested by several customers who want to be able to offer their travelers to have more space during COVID-19. The service can also be used during cross season times when there are seats available.

Joakim Rutgersson, Head of Sales and Marketing said “we have had a quite a lot demand from our customers, we thought it was important even in these difficult times to launch new services that creates a better and more unique service for their passengers. Airlines need to be innovative and provide more confidence during these uncertain times”.

Paxport’s customers have the opportunity to adjust the pricing on different rows in the plane and can be involved in deciding at what price the service should be provided. The service takes about two weeks to implement and the products used to offer this service are PaxShop (merchandising platform, increasing revenues and improved passenger experience) & PaxManagement (BPO PSS).

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