New Supplier: Blue Islands

Paxport is delighted to announce a brand new partnership with Blue Islands.

Our exciting new partnership with Blue Islands allows Paxport to offer a direct connection to their services. This connection provides the ability to Search, Cost & Book the following fares:

  • Blue Fly
  • Blue Plus

If you have an agreement with the airline, our connection also offers the ability to return ITX fares. If you have an agreement with the airline and they have given you your own credentials for these fares; then you will need to provide these credentials to our Support Team to obtain them via our connection.

All fares including the ITX fares will be returned by unique Supplier Codes within PaxFaB.

Both Blue Fly & Blue Plus fares are always booked as confirmed and instantly ticketed

ITX fares by default are booked as confirmed and instantly ticketed. Any ITX fares departing further than 14 days can optionally be booked as held, and ticketed later via the website. To take advantage of this you must either modify your fab book basket request or request Paxport set the appropriate configuration. For more information please contact our support team.

Cached availability of the above content will also be offered for PaxCache customers.


Payment method:

Card payments only

With regards to ITX fares which have a Ticket Status of ‘HELD’. These are not paid for or ticketed within PaxFaB. These ‘HELD’ bookings via our service will need to be ticketed manually by the agent via Ticketing deadlines will be provided in our API responses.


Additional Notes:

All flights to and from ZRH will require APIS to be captured and provided to the airline. APIS for these flights will be mandatory in our FaB_BasketRQ.

We do not currently offer additional hold bag purchasing or seat selection as part of our initial implementation. We will endeavour to include these services at a later date. Hold bags are included in both Blue Fly and Blue Plus fares.

Group Bookings of over 9 passengers will need to be booked with Blue Islands directly.


If you would like to enable Blue Islands on your PaxFaB connection, please contact our Customer Services team and they will advise on the next steps.

If you are interested in learning more about our PaxFaB aggregation service as a brand new customer then please contact our sales team at for more information.