New Supplier: Freebird Airlines

Paxport is delighted to announce a brand new partnership with Freebird Airlines.

As part of this partnership, Paxport will offer a direct connection to Freebird’s API. Our connection to Freebird Airlines provides the ability to Search, Cost & Book the Freebird economy ‘EcoBird’ fare.

Cached availability of the above content will also be offered for PaxCache customers.

Payment method:
Card payment only

Please note that Ancillaries are not offered via the Freebird API and therefore not offered via our connection. Ancillaries can be purchased post booking via the Freebird Airlines website. Content offered only applies to Freebird Airlines and not Freebird Airlines Europe, which may be offered in the future.

Please note all Turkish nationals will need to pass in Turkish ID’s into the Customer object ‘NationalID’ attribute within BasketRQ.

About Freebird Airlines:

Freebird Airlines is an international charter airline offering a wide range of services tailored to your needs with its A320 family fleet. Freebird Airlines established in 2000 on a strong infrastructure amongst Turkish private air carriers and started operations in 2001, and successfully continues its operations ensuring a safe and pleasant journey to its customers. Freebird Airlines goes above and beyond what is required by regulatory authorities when it comes to safety and strives to do everything related to safety and never wish to do less. Freebird Airlines flies with the proven technology Airbus fleet and has an excellent track record for safety during the past two decades in the sky. Freebird Airlines is the first private airline company in Turkey that received ISO Certification by TUV Rheinland at 2002 and IOSA Registry on 17.03.2006. Freebird Airlines operates with a fleet of 8 A320 aircraft and has an extensive network carrying more than 1M passengers per year to 170 destinations in 26 countries.


If you would like to enable Freebird Airlines on your PaxFaB connection, please contact our Customer Services team and they will advise on the next steps.

If you are interested in learning more about our PaxFaB aggregation service as a brand new customer then please contact our sales team at for more information.

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