The regulatory environment for airlines is complicated, even within the framework of a single regulatory entity like the EU.

Before a flight can take off, various authorities need a wide-ranging set of data points, all of which must be delivered in a specified format to a legally binding timetable. Failure to submit the data can result in disruption, delays and reputational damage.

PNRGOV is the answer to ensuring that the 19 different types of PNR data that airlines, tour operators and other relevant service providers need to submit to authorities are compliant with the regulatory requirements of both the origin and destination country.

Other jurisdictions are aligned with the EU’s PNR Directive. Data on all passengers travelling from the UK to the EU has to be transmitted to EU member states, and vice versa. An agreement is also in place with the US, Canadian and Norwegian authorities

The solution is connected to the relevant parts of the Paxport portfolio but can also be used as a standalone solution capable of sourcing the required data from whatever systems the airline uses. Most of Scandinavia’s charter airlines already use Paxport solutions which work with PNRGOV, but as with all our products onboarding standalone users is designed to be as straightforward as possible.

At Paxport, we’re constantly refining our services, leveraging cutting-edge systems and industry expertise to ensure we’re always one step ahead.

Whether you’re already using Paxport solutions or operating independently, onboarding with PNRGOV is straightforward. Join us today and streamline your regulatory compliance process.

First page of PNRGov white paper: Overview of airline compliance solution, regulatory alignment, and Paxport integration.

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Challenges regarding data management is a reality for airlines.

Download our comprehensive white paper on PNRGOV compliance, uncovering key insights, strategies, and solutions for seamless government travel adherence.

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